Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to What??

As the end of summer is fast approaching (sad but true), and educators begin to focus on the new year ahead, it is always a good idea to reflect on the true essentials of your calling. This Blog Is Why you will be reminded why it is you do what you do and all that truly matters. Another special thanks to a Facebook friend for sharing this article. Make this a part of your 'Back to School' first days with staff.

Summer Reading Blog #7

This article made me think about the many, many great teachers that I have had the pleasure of knowing. The ones that you never forget. The ones that had a major impact on your life. They may even be the reason that you decided to become an educator. My thoughts here went in two different directions: as a student and as a teacher.
As a teacher, sometimes you may forget the impact you have on others or maybe you never get to see or know the results of your actions. Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing some of my former students. While I may not have taught them in a class, I still claim them as mine! Their grandmother is very near and dear to my heart. She worked as a custodian in a school where I taught and quickly become my "mom" away from home and a dear friend. I was in town and stopped by for a visit. Her welcoming hug was just what I needed. It also warmed my heart that she called all of the grandkids to let them know I was there and my heart swelled even more when they rushed over to see me. In that moment, I learned that not only do you touch students' lives, but they also touch yours. They make you a better person. Everyone wins.
As a student, I remember being a senior in high school and not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life. In my Teacher Cadet course---that we were all taking just for the college credit---the teacher asked us a question that really changed my life in that moment. She asked us, "Who do you want teaching your children?" and went on to tell us that we were the best and the brightest. She said if we weren't interested in teaching our children, then who would. It was definitely something to think about. I wanted to accept the challenge. If we truly were the best and the brightest, then that was what I wanted for future generations. To be taught by the best.

My big take-aways from the reading:
1. The tougher the situation, the more important it is to remain positive. This one is tough, but it is definitely a keeper. Sound advice.
2. Teachers inspire. Students are looking up to you. Be cautious about the message you are sending.
3. When you look into the heart of a teacher, you should find an all-around good person. Have you done your heart check today?

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