Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do It For the Hashtag!

In my last blog post, I shared with you how I got started with Twitter. And the fact that I am always trying to spread the love. Once again, I will mention my awesome PLN, which is where I found the link below that has me excited to share. This Blog Is Why I love Jimmy Fallon (Hashtag #WatchTheVideo). I am super guilty, but not ashamed to admit: I love hashtags! I use them the wrong way all the time, but I do know how to use them correctly. Sometimes, it's just fun to break the rules!

Summer Reading Blog #4
Twitter: @BethHouf
***Warning-The video in the link is rated "Mature Adults Only"***

Summer is typically a perfect time for planning. That is, when you are not vacationing! The information included in the above link could be your next professional development workshop. What I especially like is that there are a number of resources that you can pick and choose from. For example, if you think the video is totally inappropriate--no worries, don't use it. The layout reminds me of the workshop that I attended with the step-by-step instructions for getting started on Twitter, complete with suggested professionals to follow. As an added bonus for someone like me who is already established, there is a section/link "Social Media for Educators" that introduces other social media platforms. Twitter has been my social media 'comfort zone' and I am excited to explore some of the other options that are becoming increasingly popular.

On the subject of hashtags, I would be remiss if I did not mention my favorite one, #satchat. I am really not sure how or why I got started with this particular group, but I have grown to love it. Which is mind boggling to me because the group connects every Saturday morning for an hour starting at 7:30AM/EST. To know me is to understand that I am NOT a morning person (really, I'm not) and I LIVE for weekends (and summers and holidays) when I get the chance to sleep in. I think it goes without saying that I must be dedicated to the group and my professional growth to miss out on those precious minutes of sleep. I can truly say that it is well worth it. The best part is that my professional development comes to me and I can even learn in my pjs. The moderators for the group: @bradmcurrie, @ScottRRocco, @wkrakower will tweet out the topic and questions ahead of time which makes it super easy to follow along and jump back in if you get sidetracked. You will get sidetracked, because someone will say something interesting or inspiring and you simply must follow that train of thought and engage in sidebar conversation. Nothing wrong with that! It's about connecting, learning, growing, and sharing.

My big take-aways from the reading:
1. I have so much more to learn---about Voxer, Google Hangouts, Tumblr, etc. And I can't wait to get started!
2. Did I mention that I love hashtags (#)? One of the advantages of hashtags is that you can follow and connect with like-minded educators/professionals that share your interests. My favorite educational hashtag is #satchat. Check it out!
3. This is more of a share or workshop extra. Create a unique hashtag for your group to use and display using Your audience can see their tweets projected and it builds excitement. If you are at a conference and there is a general hashtag, you can even use that.

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