Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chat Like a Pirate

Happy New Year! This year has kicked off with a fast and furious start. But I am excited about the opportunities that will be in store for 2016. During my hiatus, I have had some blog ideas percolating in my mind and now I finally have the chance to unleash them in another short series. First up, I want to begin with a recap of an inspirational Twitter chat co-moderated by a 12-year student. What an opportunity for this student to have the chance to present her thoughts and ideas to educators world-wide! It was also an opportunity for those same educators to hear a student's perspective and rethink ideas/philosophies from a different angle. This awesome idea was the brainchild of Teach Like a Pirate author Dave Burgess and his wife Shelley Burgess as a part of the Saturday morning Twitter group #satchatwc. This is the West Coast version of #satchat. Occasionally, I pop in to share and learn with this group when time permits and they never disappoint. This Blog Is Why educators need to pay attention and listen up. Student voice can be an important resource in the educational process.
Twitter connections: @burgessdave and @burgess_shelley

Please find below a list of questions sparked by this inquisitive, young learner:
Q1: How do you work to build relationships with [students]?
Q2: How can you take advantage of [students'] love for devices?
Q3: How can we solve this ridiculous homework situation?
Q4: How can you ask for our feedback and use it?
Q5: How can you create more lessons where [students] are doing things?
Q6: How can you tap into [students'] knowledge and expertise?
Q7: What would you guess are top pet peeves of your students?

Even if you were not a part of this chat, I believe these are questions worth thinking about as you set out to reach, teach, and inspire today's youth. In this age of technology, there are debates about how devices should be used in the classroom. Think about how much a part of a child's life they already are and how teachers/educators can use teachable moments to create responsible digital citizens.

My big take-aways from #satchatwc:
1. Take a selfie of yourself reading at home. This homework idea shared by Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach @lisarosenfeld. Students and parents hate the homework packets and assignments that take hours, try something innovative and fun.
2. Build positive relationships with students. They will work harder when they know you care.
3. Remember: "Whoever is Doing the Talking is Doing the Learning". While you're here, check out this blog post also from @DavidGeurin.

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