Sunday, January 24, 2016

Did You Say Free Social Studies apps?

Finally in my short series, is of course a share because as we all know: Sharing is Caring! As a former Fifth Grade Social Studies teacher, I know how difficult it can be to cram hundreds of years worth of history into one short school year. If that wasn't difficult enough, you also faced the daunting challenge of engaging students and maintaining their interest. In other subject areas, there were always games, gadgets, links, programs and even apps that students loved. But when it came to Social Studies, NOTHING!! Well, I don't have that particular challenge currently. I was still excited to come across this link and I wanted to share just in case someone else is in the shoes that I once filled. This Blog Post Is Why Social Studies is about to get a make-over in someone's classroom.

This resource is from Monica Burns, an EdTech and Curriculum Consultant. See the link below:
Twitter Connection- @ClassTechTips

Here is a brief overview. For a more in-depth description, read Burns' reviews. She also includes lesson plans that can be purchased at

1. Stack the States/Countries Lite-fun for students of all ages; free version just as good as upgrade
2. Today's Document-documents and photos from the US National Archives
3. Presidents vs. Aliens-facts and trivia about former presidents
4. History Channel apps-resource for video and segments
5. News-o-matic for Current Events-reading levels appropriate for Grades 3 & 4
6. This Day in History-lists historical events that took place on a particular date
7. Revolutionaries of the Past Century-biographies
8. Watchup-create your own news program w/short clips from news sources
9. The States-teach your students about the electoral college
10. Congressional Moments-primary source documents from the Library of Congress
11. Atlas by Collins-3D tool
12. TapQuiz Maps-geography game
13. Tourwrist/Sphere 360 degree photography-panoramic view of landmarks from real photos
14. Manifest Destiny-Westward Expansion; primary source document; connect past and present
15. ChangingAmerica-Civil War; primary source document
16. American Revolution Interactive Timeline
17. National Archives DocsTeach-challenge activities from the US National Archives
18. iPad project: Resume Builder-write the biography of a famous person from history and use contemporaries as references; identify skills and strengths of the person, personal info, experience and education

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