Sunday, January 31, 2016

Formative and Summative Assessment Tools

As an educator, I know that formative and summative assessments consume your days and nights-- maybe even your dreams. In the end, I believe that no matter what form of assessments you implement in the classroom, if you use the information to meet the needs of your students then you are on the right track. The #satchat discussion of the day focused on measuring student learning and my Twitter PLN did not disappoint. I learned a great deal about resources that are being used in classrooms worldwide. This Blog Is Why you can find out too and expand the tools that you use to move students forward. Let's get to work!

In this blog, I want to share some of the many resources that educators are using to measure student learning. There are some that may be familiar to you, but hopefully you find a new tool that will help to make your life a little easier and move your students a little closer to their learning goals.

Before we jump right in, you may ask: What is the difference between formative and summative assessments? Here's a cute graphic for you:

Some common tools that were shared include: Kahoot, Formative, and Padlet. Each of these allow teachers to provide students with individualized links or log-ins to complete interactive assessments. These tools seem to work most appropriately when each student has access to a device. Check out this link to Edutopia for more information and examples:

My big take-aways:
The lists provided here are in no way all inclusive, but they provide some tools that educators are using and finding success with in the classroom.
1. Shaelynn Farnsworth (@shfarnsworth), School Improvement Consultant, shares her list of formative assessment technology tools. Take a look here:

2. Brad Currie @bradmcurrie), #Satchat Co-founder, compiled a list of resources shared by the educators that participated in the chat. You can find the complete list at the link below:

What is an assessment tool that works for you? What new tool will you commit to try out with your students?

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