Sunday, April 3, 2016

What Do You Fear?

As a child, there were many things that I feared like the dark, thunderstorms (even the warnings that flashed across the television), and Big Foot (or "The Foot" as my mom says I called it). I appreciate those fears, because they help me to empathize with others who have a true fear of something. One thing I know is that you cannot make a fear go away by simply telling that person to "stop being scared" because for them their fears are very real. Does that mean you can never overcome a fear? Of course not. Experiences, time, or maybe learning new facts can all help someone to face or overcome their fears. Some fears may last a lifetime, some only a short time. There is no magic formula. This Blog Is Why sometimes, you must simply step out on faith.

I mentioned my fears as a child and now, as an adult, I still have fears. New fears. Different fears. Real fears. Fears that sometimes may hold me back from pursuing real dreams. There are days and times when I am fearless, brave, and a risk-taker. Those attributes definitely exist inside of me. They drive me everyday in my quest to pursue my passions as a life-long learner. But, it's the fear that frustrates me. Last summer, my biggest fan/critic started taking me out to "The Overlook" to watch planes as they landed and departed from the airport. I love it! Such a beautiful sight. It's relaxing too. But, I still have a fear of getting on one of the planes and flying. At one time in my life, it wasn't such a big deal. But now, it could mean missed opportunities. I know one day, I'll do it. In the meantime, I find myself only attending conferences or writing proposals for conferences that are close (within driving distance). With each passing day, there is a passion that grows inside of me to expand my horizons, face this fear, and open the door to new opportunities. It makes me think about all of the foods that I didn't eat as a child and now I LOVE. All I had to do was try it once. One day. Jet-Setter in the making!

What is your fear? What have you done to face or overcome it?

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