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Microsoft Innovative Educator

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Session Two: 2016 SC Induction Symposium

Hi, my fellow bloggers! Thank you for joining me today. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for links to presentation materials. Don't forget to tweet about the session at #2016NTIS. My hope is that you will continue on with this journey after today. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. This Blog Is Why your feedback is important to me.

(Click link below)
Sway Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

Explore: Courtesy of Seesaw
                                                         Suggested Summer Reading:

Please take a few minutes and provide some feedback about my session in the comments below. Thank you!

What did you find helpful from today's session?

What improvements can be made to the presentation for future sessions?

What did you think of Sway (presentation forum) and the other resources?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Blogs On the Go

This summer, for the first time ever, I am taking this show on the road. I have had the opportunity to present on various topics and at several conferences. But, this will be the first time that I will focus on blogging. I will be presenting at the 7th Annual Partnership Conference for Educational Renewal (at my alma mater), the Upstate Technology Conference, and the 2016 SC New Teacher Induction Symposium. I am excited to share my experiences with others and hopefully create a tribe of bloggers. This Blog Is Why my blog is my favorite blog, but I appreciate the work of others as well.

A few weeks ago, a thread started with ClassDojo Mentors sharing some of their favorite educational websites and blogs. I thought I would share those here. Of course it helps me to keep track of them for later use also!

My personal favorites (Not necessarily Dojo-related):

 I hope you will join in me checking out some new websites/blogs this summer. Below you will find the ones shared by my colleagues:

Thanks, ClassDojo Mentors!!!

Humility vs The Hard Sell

If you are an introvert (and you know it), then this blog's for you. I guess this counts as the beginning of my summer reading series. It pains me to say that I recently joined the world of Pinterest. I tried my hardest to resist. And trust me, don't get too excited, I am not that into it. I really don't need any more (computer) distractions in my life right now. BUT, I must say that in addition to my awesome PLN (who shares so many gems that I could not possibly write about them all), Pinterest has a few jewels of its own. Okay, getting back to my introverted friends...This Blog Is Why self-promotion is important (and possible) even if you happen to be an introvert, like me.

Well, maybe you'll remember that I blogged about being in "The Dip". Yep, still there. But while I'm vacationing here for now, I am reflecting and learning. That's the beauty of being in "The Dip" and these two articles came my way: one from my Twitter PLN and one from Pinterest. I hope you will join me in this summer's reading series. Here's to a new Top 10 or maybe more.

Summer Reading Blog #1

So is it possible that introverts all have the same problem(s): that inner voice that will not stop, being unapologetically humble, and that need for all interactions to be meaningful/authentic? If that IS the case, how does one make the transition from humility to the hard sell. That hard sell is what typically gets people ahead. That hard sell is what typically clinches the deal. That hard sell is what typically guarantees that dream job you have been after. Right? Not necessarily, according to one article. I agree that humility can be a burdening characteristic of some educators (and probably most introverts). There are still ways to get in the networking game and get ahead. So, my introvert friends, there is hope for us. The validation for me has been one article's suggestions.
1) Tell your story.
2) Create through writing.
3) Be true to you.

Summer Reading Blog #2
Career Advice for Introverts

My big take-aways from the reading:
1. This Blog Is Why I have found my voice as an introvert.
2. As I present at various conferences this summer, I hope that I am able to inspire others to find/use their voice.
3. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. What an awesome way to connect, collaborate, and network!

Don't forget you can connect with me via
Twitter: @MsClassNSession

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Survival Kit: Summer Edition

Updated Resources for 2018:
Avoid Summer Brain Drain
First Book Marketplace

Hey, Parents! Summertime is quickly approaching for some and for others: It. Is. Here. (Yikes!)
Now is the time that you are probably wondering: What are the kids going to do all summer? What can I do to avoid the dreaded "summer slide" and make sure my kids can quickly get back on track when it's time to return to school? This Blog Is Why I've got you covered with some tips, tricks, and activities to keep your little ones busy and educated this summer. My main tip to you is relax and enjoy quality time together.

Of course as a Reading Teacher, I must begin with some reading tips. Follow this Top 10 Plan to develop skills that will be a help in the fall and build a life-long reader.

1. Visit a library or bookstore.
2. Set aside a time and place for reading.
3. Read at least 30 minutes per day.
4. Ask Questions (Predict, Character(s), Main Idea, Problem, Solution, Retell, Moral).
5. Ask your child to draw or write about what happened in the story.
6. Make it Fun! Act it out.
7. Make a game out of finding words that rhyme or start with the same sound.
8. Look for word or reading games to play online.
9. Ask your child to find common words in the story (the, me, up, and, go, run, to, stop, can).
10. Be an Example. Enjoy family reading time.

Below is a listing of  FREE websites:
PBS Kids
Fun Brain
Storyline Online
Math Game Time
National Geographic Kids
Sheppard Software
Into the Book (skip log-in)
Cool Math 4 Kids
Fun 4 the Brain
Scholastic Study Jams
Math Blaster
Science Kids
Cool Math
Turtle Diary (skip log-in)
Highlights Kids
A Plus Math
Switcheroo Zoo
Sum Dog (play as guest)
Dance Mat Typing

Finally, if you want ideas for fun activities, use this link to 100 Summer Activities for Kids: