Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Survival Kit: Summer Edition

Updated Resources for 2018:
Avoid Summer Brain Drain
First Book Marketplace

Hey, Parents! Summertime is quickly approaching for some and for others: It. Is. Here. (Yikes!)
Now is the time that you are probably wondering: What are the kids going to do all summer? What can I do to avoid the dreaded "summer slide" and make sure my kids can quickly get back on track when it's time to return to school? This Blog Is Why I've got you covered with some tips, tricks, and activities to keep your little ones busy and educated this summer. My main tip to you is relax and enjoy quality time together.

Of course as a Reading Teacher, I must begin with some reading tips. Follow this Top 10 Plan to develop skills that will be a help in the fall and build a life-long reader.

1. Visit a library or bookstore.
2. Set aside a time and place for reading.
3. Read at least 30 minutes per day.
4. Ask Questions (Predict, Character(s), Main Idea, Problem, Solution, Retell, Moral).
5. Ask your child to draw or write about what happened in the story.
6. Make it Fun! Act it out.
7. Make a game out of finding words that rhyme or start with the same sound.
8. Look for word or reading games to play online.
9. Ask your child to find common words in the story (the, me, up, and, go, run, to, stop, can).
10. Be an Example. Enjoy family reading time.

Below is a listing of  FREE websites:
PBS Kids
Fun Brain
Storyline Online
Math Game Time
National Geographic Kids
Sheppard Software
Into the Book (skip log-in)
Cool Math 4 Kids
Fun 4 the Brain
Scholastic Study Jams
Math Blaster
Science Kids
Cool Math
Turtle Diary (skip log-in)
Highlights Kids
A Plus Math
Switcheroo Zoo
Sum Dog (play as guest)
Dance Mat Typing

Finally, if you want ideas for fun activities, use this link to 100 Summer Activities for Kids:


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