Sunday, August 28, 2016

Conference Wrap-up: Do You Edcamp?

My summer conference mini tour ended with a #EdcampSparkle! For my very first edcamp experience, it was sparkle-rific. When the announcement was made by Jed Dearybury (@mrdearybury1) about the Edcamp (@EdcampSparkle), I knew I had to be there. I am already looking forward to the next one. And if you missed it, make plans to meet me there. This Blog Is Why every educator needs a little SPARKLE.

At first, an Edcamp can be a little unsettling. You come in and there is no set plan or agenda (for the most part). Participants decide in the morning what the session topics will include based on interest and/or expertise. Then, when you get into the session, there is not just one presenter, but everyone in the room has a chance to chime in and add their perspective, experiences, stories, and/or questions. At #EdcampSparkle, I participated in sessions on Twitter in Education (and yes, I shared about the wonderful book 140 Twitter Tips for Educators), Donor's Choose, Seesaw--with Shalonda Blakeney (@sblakeney3), and Guided Math. I was inspired by the Lily Sarah Grace room, which encourages creativity in the classroom with painter's tape, chalk, foil, yarn, and other everyday clean recycled stuff. The best parts of the conference included: the freebies, Jed's awesome energy, great food, the DJ, the fabulous prizes, and did I mention that all of this was FREE!

My number one take-away from the Edcamp comes from the meaning behind SPARKLE as shared by Jed Dearybury. His message truly resonated with me. How could you not want to be a part of #TeamSparkle?

S-Service to others
P-Pursue new things
A-Affirm the good you are doing
R-Rejuvenate (Okay, I know Jed said Run, but here is me and running...)

K-Kindred spirits
E-Encourage each other (I love meeting and supporting my PLN. You rock....I mean SPARKLE!)

Even if you didn't attend the Edcamp, you can still add a little SPARKLE to your life.
An event like this is only possible through the efforts of a hard working team and support. Educator friends, please support these businesses because they support you and they helped to make this event possible.
*Palmetto State Teachers Association *Converse College *Lily Sarah Grace *Discovery Place Education Studio *Share Fair Nation *Edcamp Foundation *Printex *iPevo *Harrison's Workwear *Krispy Kreme *Papa John's Pizza *Babaziki's *JMT Express *Squirrels (I know there are more. Thanks!)

Kudos to the team! Your vision and hard work paid off.

Jed, I am looking forward to the continued success of your vision and I'm IN! #TeamSparkle

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