Saturday, October 15, 2016

***For RDG-101 Students Only*** Round 2

Once again, I am looking forward to sharing the blogging world with a new batch of learners. It is my mission to build a tribe of bloggers one blog at a time! This semester, students will have focused blog assignments based on readings and topics discussed in class. I hope you will take this opportunity to learn and grow from your peers with this unique platform. This Blog Is Why I am excited to see your blogging talents unfold and I look forward to sharing this experience with you. Shake off your nerves and have fun!

This summer as I presented to educators about blogging, I shared some tips. I will post the tips here for you to use as a reference.

Top 10 Blogging Tips:

  1. Choose a topic you are passionate about.
  2. Be different.
  3. Write like you talk.
  4. Include quality content in your blog.
  5. Include pictures-pay attention to details.
  6. Professional formatting-pay attention to details.
  7. Do your research. Look at other blogs.
  8. Fake it until you make it!
  9. Use your platform for good. Bring positive vibes.
  10. Build a Tribe. Connect and interact with others.
Remember, you will also post comments to your classmates' blogs. Use this post to help you easily find links to their blog pages. So far, I love the creativity that I am seeing. Don't forget to add your links, add an image, keep it professional, and ENJOY! (Along with other requirements as listed on your rubric.)

Coming Soon: Group Projects

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