Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Thank you for hanging in there with me as my Blog Challenge continues into the month of November.  I have been trying to roll out my posts in alphabetical order, but the ideas are not coming in alphabetically, so get ready for some skipping around! This post is dedicated to the awesome video series created by the @ClassDojo team. Last year, my students were inspired by Mojo and Katie's discussions about being in "The Dip" (and for those who may be wondering, I am still there). This Blog is Why lessons on empathy are important in this day and age, at all levels.

I won't take up too much of your time here. But, if you have not shared these videos with your students, make plans to incorporate them into your lessons soon. The conversations are phenomenal. Even my first graders share their deep thoughts about what Mojo and Katie experience. They also share how it relates to their world. Sometimes we may be discussing something completely different in class and they make their own connections to their take-aways from the series. The overall lesson that we got from the Empathy series was to put yourself in someone else's shoes when you face a challenge or situation. At first it was very interesting to talk about "being in someone else's shoes" as the students took this literally. But, when it came to their illustrations, I did not get any pictures of shoes! They made real connections to different scenes in the video and the various characters. The illustration below is one of my favorites from my students' summaries.

Recently, our school's Technology Coach mentioned that she would like for me to lead a professional development session on ClassDojo with the older grade levels. I am always excited to share with my colleagues and after receiving my latest Mentor newsletter, I know exactly what I would like to include in my plan! Our older students can participate in lessons that focus on perseverance. Students read about certain celebrities that have been in "The Dip" and what they did to overcome obstacles and/or trials. Then, they reflect on what they learned and share experiences with a target audience. Think this sounds cool?! Check it out in the link below:

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