Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hour of Code

Last year was my first time experimenting with "Hour of Code" content and lessons. I learned about it during Microsoft's "Hack the Classroom" event. I was late to the party, so I missed the actual week. I am happy that this year I received a heads up and can actually participate during Computer Science Week December 5-11. This Blog Is Why Coding is the wave of the future and students can now become the creators.

I am excited that my school will participate in this year's event. If you are interested in hosting an event, check out the link below. Here, you can register your school, find local speakers to get involved, get answers to questions, and much more.

Host an Hour

This video will also explain the steps needed for a successful event (My first blog video!):
                                        Courtesy of

Next, you want to choose a lesson and provide opportunities for your students to code. Some of my favorite coding apps for the classroom include Scratch Jr and Kodable. You can also go to websites like or CodeMonkey.

Website Links:

The last two things that you must pledge to do (at least I think so) 1) Make sure you share and reflect on social media using #HourOfCode and tag @codeorg. I look forward to seeing your posts. Also, make sure each student receives a certificate of participation (link below). When I first started the planning process, "Hour of Code" seemed so far away. But, now the clock is ticking and it will be time to celebrate before you know it. Let's take our students to the next level and begin preparing them for the future NOW!

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