Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jeopardy in the Classroom

Even though the title says "Jeorpardy" this post is really about gaming while giving your students voice and choice. Not long ago, I attended a session about gamification and bringing games into the classroom. It seemed fun, and of course, any time you can turn things over to the students you are WINNING! Well, I decided to give it a try. This Blog is Why I encourage you to turn things over to the students every once in a while, you might be surprised.

This blog post is dedicated to the students in my college reading course who bravely took on the challenge to create their own game. (They really did not have a choice.) I promised that when I shared this, I would not post their faces, but I am so proud of the work they did! The goal of this project was to create a game that would help them study for a quiz of word parts they will have at the end of the semester. It's a long list of prefixes, suffixes, meanings, and example words. So I wanted to make the learning experience memorable. I wasn't sure what to expect (among all the moans and groans), but I must say the finished products and presentation sessions gave us loads of laughs. Each group prepared a different game. Some were board games and some were online games. There were two types of Jeopardy games: one with an online template and one made from poster and index cards. We also had a @Quizlet game and finally a Sorry! board game with too many "Lose A Turn" cards. And we all learned the "real" rules to Sorry! after years of playing with our own set of home rules. Students were very competitive, especially when playing Men vs Women. I know that is so politically incorrect, but it was so much fun. One group even brought treats to give away as prizes. So did this help with recall of the word parts? Stay tuned.

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