Sunday, December 4, 2016

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE)

What is an MIE Expert? You may be asking yourself this question. For me, it has been a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with other educators who have a drive to learn, grow, and bring exceptional resources into the classroom. Even though, I have been named an MIE Expert, that does not mean that I know it all. It has just opened doors for me to learn more about the ways I can help my students achieve more and channel their inner genius. This Blog Is Why I am proud to be an MIE and I encourage more educators to take advantage of what the program has to offer.

One of the best parts about the program is the Educator Community. You have access to free courses, lesson plans, and other professionals who share your passion. I love working to earn badges and certificates as well. You can check out all that the community has to offer and the guidelines for becoming an MIE Expert by clicking on the link below. Applications are accepted from May 15-June 15 each year. Good Luck!

Microsoft Educator Community

I also have two celebrations to share. Below you will find an article in our local newspaper about my selection as an MIE Expert. As an added bonus/surprise, I also received a letter in the mail from one of our state Senators. It feels great when someone recognizes your hard work and passion. Thank you, Senator Creighton B. Coleman!

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