Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Oh, The Places We WANT To Go!

It's the holiday season. A time for giving. In my last two posts, I focused on gift ideas from teachers to students and from administrators to teachers. Now, I want to focus on a special group of first graders and I need your support. This Blog Is Why your donation matters. Please, help us meet this goal.

Since August, I have used the assistance of DonorsChoose to fund a variety of projects in my classroom. We have started a Genius Bar, which is now our class theme, with the purchase of two iPad minis complete with zebra cases. We received art and math supplies for our Guided Math instruction. We also received headphones for every student in class to help minimize the noise level in the Genius Bar. And most recently, through the generosity of Burlington, we will receive a backpack for each student in January. The last DonorsChoose project standing for us is a field trip project that will send our entire grade level to a production of "Seussical" in Charlotte, NC. We are $622 away from our goal.

Last year our students put on a production called "Let It Grow" and they visited the Children's Theater of Charlotte. They learned all about the behind-the scenes work that goes into putting on a production. Students created costumes, learned songs, and prepared a performance that was attended by a crowd of family, friends, and other community members. My class recreated a famous scene from the hit television show "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (check out the clip, if you don't remember). What a fun time!

This year, students will create skits based on our favorite Dr. Seuss classics. The field trip project will help to ensure that all students are able to visit the theater without worrying about the cost of the trip. I would love for all of our first graders to have this experience...for free. So far we have 10 donors. Here are a few quotes from some of our current supporters:

"I hope you reach your goal. Dr. Seuss was always a favorite in my house when my daughter was young. I can still recite Green Eggs & Ham from memory. My daughter even named her 1st dog Sam."

"I hope you enjoy the show."

"Hope this helps reach your goal!"

"Have fun on your trip!"

"We are so happy to help you learn."

"Your kids deserve it."

"Because I can't wait to see this happen."

I am looking forward to making costumes, learning lines, and seeing this new group hit the stage. The trip to Charlotte is always fun, too. When you see eyes light up at seeing tall buildings and hear the ooh's and ahhh's as we ride through the city, it makes it all worth it. The best part are the cheers when we pass by Bank of America stadium (home to the Carolina Panthers). Each class has already selected a book. I can't wait to share some great photos from this year's event with you!

To A Seussical We Will Go
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