Thursday, December 29, 2016

Quitting the Profession

As of late, I have seen many posts, chat discussions, and articles focused on why teachers are quitting the profession. This topic resonates with me because I have been there before. Just frustrated. Tired. As a result, I left teaching for a year to search for a different path. Of course, I was brought back to my true passion (and found a new one along the way) This Blog Is Why while I am not ready to leave my profession, I empathize with those who make that choice.

So what are some of the key reasons? Please see the article below from nprED for more details, but the main ones from their view seem to be: money, working conditions, and (or lack of) preparation.

What Are The Main Reasons Teachers Call It Quits? (article)

Are teachers (educators) struggling to keep up with the workload? Is this a contributing factor to the rising number of teachers exiting the profession? A TES blog post explores this issue:

The Teacher Workload

Finally, what do other educators cite as reasons teachers leave the profession (or consider leaving)? Check out some comments from a chat group discussion. The list here was quite extensive, so I will only name a few:

*Low pay
*Lack of support/respect
*Student (mis)behavior
*Personal reasons
*Emotional burnout
*Creativity stifled
*Workload exceeds work hours
*Lack of compensation/incentives
*Negative school culture
*Lack of opportunity for promotions
*Better employment opportunities
*Unnecessary and redundant paperwork
*Unsupportive administration
*Overworked, unappreciated, and underpaid

Educators, as you keep pushing forward and fighting the good fight (as Brad Currie would say), please remember these 10 Things When You Feel Stuck:

                                          (Video Courtesy

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