Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Update: Oh The Places...Here We Come!

I know in the past I have shared with you my new love for, an amazing resource for teachers to get materials for their classrooms. Well, if you are familiar with the site (even if you are not) please note that they are not just a source for classroom materials. Teachers can also post projects for field trips, class visitors/speakers, and professional development. This Blog Is Why I am happy to tell you all about my new favorite DonorsChoose Giving Community #CaringClassrooms!

Recently, I collaborated with my grade level team to post a field trip project (see previous blog post; Letter "O"). This project's cost was over $1,000. The largest amount I have tried to raise to date. Of course, it was a task. I tried every avenue that I could think of and even those that were shared with me by colleagues/my PLN. When the project finally got a red clock and time started winding down, I got nervous (insert appropriate emoji here). And then, the wonderful Caring Classrooms community came to our rescue! On my birthday (the grade level project was in my name, talk about pressure), I received a message that our project would be posted on the giving page and guaranteed full funding. That was enough to satisfy me and I was no longer in panic mode. But it gets even better. The project posted around 8PM on my birthday and by 10AM the next day...full funding. Talk about results. AMAZING!

Here are a few additional comments from our donors:
"I love your project idea! From one Caring Classrooms teacher to another, best wishes in this new school year."

"My family loves plays and Dr. Seuss too. Enjoy!"

"We love reading our new baby boy Dr. Seuss-good luck in your production!"

"I love this project. I hope you and your class enjoy the show. It's a wonderful idea to give an experience as part of learning."

"As a retired 1st grade teacher, I know how much this will mean to your students. Enjoy!"

"Happy Birthday! Hope complete funding comes before midnight!"

"Good Luck!"

"Good luck and happy birthday!"

"Happy Birthday"

"I love this project!"

"Happy Birthday! Thank you for supporting projects on the Caring Classrooms giving page! We have added your project to our page, and guarantee it will fully fund! That's a great way to celebrate your birthday with your students!"

Finally, I want to thank the MANY donors who have contributed to my projects this year (2016):

Neukom Foundation                    Caring Classrooms                Amelia (Jackson Heights, NY)
Duke Energy                                AT&T                                    Nicole&John (CA)
E20 and Jonathan Nalder            Chrissie Devinney                 Warner Brothers Television
Advancement Courses                Burlington Stores                     Tammy Golihew
The Wright Family                     Vanessa Jacobs (mom)            Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation
Pam Hubler                                 Jessica Lawson                        Marilyn Lowe                      Charlotte Sills                         Stephanie Brown    
Mrs. Griffis                                 Hillary Hobbs                         Christina Fastaia
Nicole Evers                               Helen Mitchell                         R. Reid
Sarah Thomas                            Gail Roof                                 Dr & Mrs. Carlisle (Rock Hill)
Shannon Porter                          Francie Kugelman                   Nick DeMaster
MsClassNSession;-)                  Tanika Wallace                        Andrae Daniels
Linda Barlow                             Julie Landis                             Frank Jackson
Necole D                                    Jerome Jefferson                     Lynn Wade
Justin Brown                              Anonymous donors (NY, SC, GA, OH, AR)
Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher2Teacher
Angela Watson (

Giving Pages
Chester Park COLT's Giving Page

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