Saturday, December 31, 2016

Xtra, Xtra...This Challenge is DONE

I finally made it!! This Blogging Challenge is complete. Thank you for hanging in there with me. What a motivating way to make sure I keep blogging and I am happy for all of the events, shares, and holidays that gave me content to blog about! This last one will be short. This Blog Is Why I just want to leave you with two time-sensitive requests:

1) Hopefully by the time you read this, the link you clink on below will say "Hooray! This project is fully funded." Here is the story: Recently, Burlington Stores funded a project that would provide EVERY student in my class with a new backpack. Of course, they had limited funds, so I did not want to be greedy. I only budgeted for the 20 students in my class. Now, the backpacks are on the way and guess what?! Yes, teachers, I know you guessed it. I have a new student and no extra backpacks. This project is to get extra backbacks in case I get any more newbies down the line (and some supplies to go in them because there is a minimum dollar amount on projects, remember I am not greedy). Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Extra, Extra! We Need Backpacks
(Click here to support)

2) Midnight...well 11:59 tonight (December 31, 2016) is the deadline to take advantage of Early Bird registration for the Tomorrow's Classrooms Today Conference at Rider University (May 20, 2017). Yes! I will be presenting at the conference. Hope to see you there.

Register Here

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