Friday, December 30, 2016

Year End Review

For many, 2016 has left a bad taste in your mouth and you are eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead in the new year. Celebrity deaths seemed to hit an all-time high. As I was preparing this post, I looked over the list compiled by NBC News and was surprised at some of the faces that flashed before me on the screen. The loss of Alan Thicke, Craig Sager, Florence Henderson, and Prince (just to name a VERY few) will forever leave a hole in our hearts. I was listening to a television show that was recapping the year and the question was, "Which celebrity death hit you the hardest?" The answer overwhelmingly was the death of Prince and one of the anchors chimed in, "I didn't think he would ever die. He was supposed to live forever in my mind." But, switching gears, This Blog Is Why the end of the year is a time for reflection and a time to look forward to a new start in the new year. Happy New Year!

In this post, I really want to focus on my 3 Big Take-Aways:

1) The top 3 posts from This Blog Is Why:
       Breaking the Ice
       Blogs On The Go
       Recharge Over The Holidays

I just want to say that these next two come from 4 Pillars Agency, Horace Mann Companies. Over the holiday break, I had a great time playing a game of Jingle, Jingle, Bells (similar to Duck, Duck, Goose) on Facebook. In a photo finish, I won $75 from the contest (some of which was donated to projects on Be sure to check out @HoraceMann services in your local area.
                              Jingle Jingle BELLS contest (video link)
Thank you,

2) Setting goals with your students using the 2017 goals sheet (link below).
                       New Year's Resources (freebie)

3) Will you join me in keeping a jar full of good events in 2017? I think this is a great idea!

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