Sunday, March 5, 2017

Who's Who in EdTech

February is the month that we place specific emphasis on honoring and recognizing the history of African-Americans. It is also a great time to look around and see who will be the change agents of tomorrow. That is just what Shana V. White (@ShanaVWhite) did during this short, powerful month of celebrations. If you missed the popular Twitter hashtag #hiddenvoicesofedtech, be sure to check it out and add these inspiring educators to your PLN (Professional Learning Network). This Blog Is Why it is my honor to celebrate the people who inspire me. Who inspires you?

It was a special treat to log in each day to see who would be spotlighted in this list of hidden gems. The list included a wide variety of EdTech professionals. You will find women and men, teachers, technology specialists, administrators, college professionals, authors, and so much more. Not only did this hashtag shed light on people, but also programs and honors that are available for educators who go above and beyond the call of duty. These are the professionals working hard every day to bring innovative experiences to classrooms, schools, and teacher programs from coast to coast.

Click the link to view the featured educators. Complete list below:

Hidden Voices of EdTech

Carla Jefferson, SC
Regina Schaffer, NJ
Patricia Brown, MO
Christian Padgett, GA
Rachelle Wooten, TX
Cicely Day, CA
Brian R. Smith, TX
Courtney Teague, GA
Shaina Glass, TX
Keasha Grant, SC
Darren Clay, GA
Keri Hennessy-Wilson, NJ
Kimberly Lane, TX
Nicol Howard, CA
Leon Tynes, CT
Chanel Johnson, GA
Stephanie Jacobs, SC
Marcus Borders, GA
Crystal R. Morgan, TX
Dr. Valerie Jones, GA
Dr. Elford Rawls-Dill, NJ
Summaya Knight, GA
Kali Alford, GA
Terri Webb, GA
Rafranz Davis, TX
Shana V. White, GA

This was not only a spotlight of educators, but also programs that you may have missed. In the past two years, I have applied for some and found it surprising how easy it was to complete the process. I know that as educators we may struggle with finding time for the 'extras'; but I have found the groups that I have joined to be motivating and full of ideas that I have implemented in my own classroom. Some of the ones showcased here include: Google, Apple, Seesaw, ClassDojo, Microsoft, PBS, and This is just to name a few! As I looked over the various profiles I found myself asking, "What is that?" or exclaiming, "I didn't know about that!" Educators are a sharing community, so I hope that you find a professional connection here or become involved with a learning community that will stretch you and your students (or school). Finally, I am going to leave you with another resource that outlines some of the certifications that are available to EdTech educators. Spread the word!
Guess That Certification c/o Patricia Brown

**NOTE: In the Sway presentation link, there are 3 great tweets embedded there. If they don't show up on your first viewing, try again. Those are not blank slides before you get to the pictures!

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