Sunday, March 26, 2017

Yeah, THAT Edcamp!

Another awesome Edcamp experience and job well done to the team at Edcamp Greenville: Kelli Coons, Austin Greene, Hamilton Parks, Sarah Liebenrood, Victoria Salvat, and Fran Rogers. It was definitely worth the drive, worth getting up extra early on a Saturday, and worth missing out on (some, not all) my #satchat ritual. I am looking forward to pitching in to bring an Edcamp to MY area. Hey, my Rock Hill area peeps! This Blog Is Why you need to be a part of the Edcamp Palmetto experience.

**For exclusives and a sneak peek into the conference, go to Twitter: #yeahTHATedcamp **

Photo credit: Kelly Hines @kellyhines

Positive Energy, Engaging Conversations, Free Food, Prizes, Freebies, Meet Ups, Music and Free Food. Yes, I said Free Food twice because it was just that good!! There are so many great things that I could share from the event. When I got out of the car, I could hear the music and laughing. It came outside, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Girl, come on in". And you know I am not a morning person!! Just being honest. Check out the planning board below. As ideas for the conference were coming together, the DJ set the tone for the conference by getting us out of our seats to "Cupid Shuffle" and "Wobble" into the day.
Photo credit: Lachelle Brown @LachelleBrown80

There were a variety of sessions to participate in and a few of my favorite topics from the day included: flexible seating, Twitter for Educators, Engaging Activities, Guided Math, and DonorsChoose. I also enjoy meeting my Twitter PLN in person and I hope to see you all at #2017utc. The ideas that you get from other educators can inspire you to try something that you may not have done otherwise.The classroom below has a variety of flexible seating options and we learned the logistics of how this teacher makes it work for her fifth graders. 

Photo credit: Hamilton Parks @IC_at_AJ

The conference also sponsored four anchor sessions that ran throughout the day. These were hosted by: LilySarahGraceFund @LSGFund, Discovery Education, Lego Education, and Breakout EDU. This was my first breakout experience and I was not the genius behind our group's success, but we had the fastest time of the day...10 minutes. Can you beat that?

Photo credit: Matt Johnson @EduCaptAmerica

A special thanks to all of the vendors, companies, and restaurants that support teachers and make these learning experiences possible. My prize for the day came from the Peace Center and I cannot wait to share with my students. Shhhhh!!
Lunch provided by: McDonald's, Papa Johns, Firehouse Subs, and Arizona's

Call to Action:
1) After you read the FREE book you received, Every Child A Super Reader, share out on Twitter using the hashtag #BookCampPD.

2) If you are in the Rock Hill, Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville (SC) areas, click the link below to be a part of the planning committee for an Edcamp near you. Deadline: April 30th
Edcamp Palmetto Volunteer

3) If you attended Edcamp Greenville, don't forget to apply for an Impact Grant. Were you inspired by a session or presenter? Here's your chance to bring that experience to your school or students. Deadline: March 31st
Impact Grant Application

A huge shout-out to my other half who gave up a Saturday just for me. <3 <3 <3


  1. Thank you! I got all the feels reading this blog entry. Did we just become best friends?? I am so happy you wrote this up, you are spreading the Edcamp love and I feel it.

  2. You're welcome! So much to squeeze in, because you really had to be there. Love what you and your team put together.


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