Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Microsoft

s that time of year again. Conference Time. And I love it! In the past, I have incorporated Sway as a presentation tool in my sessions. This time, my focus was dedicated solely to Sway. I hope that my audience walked away with some useful information, because I know I did. This Blog Is Why I am sharing feedback from: Digital Storytelling with Sway.

First, a Recap ICYMI (in case you missed it):
My goal for any session that I present is to find out what my audience needs and provide it. This one mainly focused on beginner level skills. You can take a look at the Sway presentation used (adapted from a PowerPoint) and get a general overview.

TLC Session: Digital Storytelling with Sway (Click Here)

We focused on the following:
*features of Sway
*uploading a document
*uploading a PowerPoint
*Voice/Audio feature
*Image sharing
*Video sharing
*Search options
*Microsoft Forms as an assessment tool

When the opportunity to host a session for Winthrop University's Teaching and Learning Center presented itself, I was excited for the opportunity.  In my recent session titled, "Digital Storytelling with Sway" one of the positive points for me was the level of engagement, sharing, collaboration, and thoughtful conversation during the session. I would even venture to say, these were some of the best participants I have experienced (overall). Professional Development should be a time for sharing and thoughtful conversation. I believe we mastered that. I hope to hear more in the future about some of the ways these college personnel use Sway professionally to connect with students and other colleagues.

Feedback from the session:
*One hub that houses search options. You can find images, videos, etc to add without leaving your work space (Sway).
*Ease of use-You can create a professional presentation in a short amount of time.
*Possibilities-Participants shared how they can incorporate Sway in the classroom for students to use, creating an interactive syllabus, etc.
*Student/User-friendly-You are able to easily manipulate items without losing your work. Risk-taking!
*Participants like the "Start from a Topic" feature because it gives a good outline/suggestions

*How is Sway different from some other tools that are available to educators (ex. Office Mix, Adobe Spark, etc.)?
*How secure is the information that is in Sway? For example, if a project includes sensitive or confidential research, who would have access to that information?
*As Sway is changing, will there be an option that analytical data will be provided. For example, being able to see how long a viewer watched a video and/or embedded quizzes with scores.
*Is there a way to export your Sway as a PowerPoint, PDF file, or other option?

What's Next:
In May, I will be at the Tomorrow's Classrooms Today Conference at Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ. I hope you will join me there! For a limited time, get $10 off registration by using the code FutureReady. This code is valid through April 22, 2017.

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