Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Time is Now

Summertime! Many of you may be gearing up for vacations, camps, or professional learning opportunities. Whatever you decide to do with your time, don't forget to relax and enjoy. It has been a while since my last blog. You know that is always the case in my busy season(s). But, not to worry, I still have plenty to share. It also gives me something to look forward to with my summer blogging series. This summer, I am looking forward to sharing some amazing experiences with you. This Blog Is Why my advice is to bookmark this one for future references for some money-saving resources.

                    (I borrowed this from the MIE Facebook group. Hope you don't mind!)

Graduation season is here as well. If you know anyone in college or planning to go to college, please share this post with them. I am highlighting the work of Melinda Mihlbauer. You can find her on Facebook. I discovered her in my PLN as a guidance counselor in my state who has a resource of scholarships. I know the importance of harnessing those untapped resources to help with funding education and she has compiled those into a book. Please support her and she is also available to host events. This particular book is designed for SC high school students (Website link below).
Paces Scholarship Academy

Ms. Milbauer shares the following stats from last year:

Shocked? In the future, let's make sure there is NO Money Left Behind! As I mentioned before, I hope you will save or bookmark this post. Be ready to search and apply for the many scholarships available to support students.

The Scholarship List: (April 30th deadline) (Essay Scholarship) (Essay Contest) (30 scholarships annually) (Tennis Scholarship) (SC Nursing Scholarship) (Engineering) (SC Engineering Scholarship) (May 1st deadline) (148 Scholarship opportunities) (UNCF scholarships) (Congressional Black Caucus Scholarships) (Scholarship and free Dell laptop) (Denny's; September deadline) (Jane Austen Essay Contest) (Breast Cancer Awareness) (Military Dependents and Spouses) (Taco Bell Scholarship) (March 1 deadline) (Black Engineers Scholarship) (Grades 3-5; Poetry Contest)

Do you know of any others? Please share and add to the list.
Bonus Link: (Thanks to my classmate for sharing!)
Bonus Link: Scholarships for African-American Students
Bonus Link: IP Video Contest 2017

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