Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ISTE Unplugged

My #notatISTE  experience just keeps getting better and better. I hesitated at signing up to share an Unplugged Session. I actually waited until the last minute and decided to take the plunge. This Blog Is Why if you missed my session, no worries, you can check it out here.

A special thanks to Blackboard Collaborate, Steve Hargadon, Peggy George, Michelle Dragalin and everyone else who made this event possible. Of course, I enjoy meeting and interacting with my audience, but I enjoyed my experience with ISTE Unplugged LIVE. The launcher for the event, Blackboard Collaborate was super easy to use. I know I had some "technical difficulties" but those were strictly user error! I liked the ability to schedule your own event with a day and time to fit your schedule. I was also able to select my time zone which is really important when you are dealing with people coming from all over the country/world. After scheduling your event, there are links for training and a practice room. Pure genius! Once again, I could use the links to access the training at my convenience and enter the training room on my own time. I liked that the practice room allowed you to set your preferences, make audio adjustments as needed and then save them. The practice room provided a simulation for the actual presenter's room, so you knew exactly what to expect. Finally, on the big day, there were helpful assistants in the room to help,as needed, and make sure that your session moved along smoothly. Again, thank you Peggy and Michelle! I hope this continues to be a part of the #notatISTE experience and I look forward to another opportunity to present.

Below you will find resources from my session and a link to view the recording:

Google Slides Presentation

ISTE Unplugged Live: Welcome to the Blogger's Cafe (All Sessions)

LiveBinder (Courtesy Peggy George)

If you get a chance to watch the recording of my session, please complete the survey. Thanks!


  1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your session of blogging at ISTE Unplugged.

    Wanted to let you know I enjoyed watching your session and you can check out my notes from your session here -


  2. Hi, Sue! Thanks for taking time to watch the session and share your notes. I always enjoy getting feedback that I can use to make my sessions better.


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