Thursday, August 3, 2017

Conference Wrap-Up: EdChange Global 2017

Have you ever experienced an online, global slumber party? That's what it was like to participate in the EdChange Global Classrooms 24-hour PD this summer. Although, I jumped on board at the last minute, I was still able to enjoy the fun from beginning to end (of course with some naps in between). One of my favorite components of the conference was the variety of formats they offered for presenters and audience members. Presenters could decide on a Twitter chat, Voxer chat, Google Hangout video, or Periscope video. What an awesome concept! This Blog Is Why PD in your PJ's has taken over my summer conference tour and I am loving it.

Stop #1
After the opening ceremony, participants created Google slides to introduce themselves to the learning community. I enjoyed using the presentation to see who would be joining in and to build my PLN. Here is a sneak peek at MY slide:

Stop #2
Next, I made my way over to Periscope to hang out with Jacqueline Rose (@JRose_Edu). I was amazed at how poised and focused her presentation/share was as she stood outside of her sister's birthday party! She gave some compelling examples about how to incorporate Snapchat in the classroom or for building your PLN.
Snapchat: Your Next PLN

Stop #3
My favorite session of the event was the Twitter chat with Kathi Kersznowski (@kerszi). As a new Instructional Technology Coach, I am always looking for new connections, tools, and resources. This special edition chat using the hashtag #iichat was just what I needed. I have included my list of must-haves from the chat:
Stop #4
Now even though the chat was my favorite, I had the most FUN with the "Name That Tune Challenge". As a true couch potato, this was right up my alley! I must confess that my connection kept going in and out, so I am surprised that I was able to hang in the competition as well as I did. Ha! There was one moment when I lost connection and came back just in time to guess the TV show theme before others. Felt like sliding into home base! This is definitely an icebreaker to add to my list. Try your luck with it:
Name That Tune

Well, the next morning, I was up early to host my own chat using the hashtag #MsClassNSession. It was not as successful as I would have liked, but I am grateful for those that popped in anyway. Special thanks to @cybraryman1 for stopping by to share his tech tools page.
Technology Pages
Chat Questions: "The EdTech Exchange"

If that's not enough, during my live session, I had trouble logging in! I eventually made it and tried my best to make up for lost time. I didn't want that setback to derail my energy and enthusiasm for my session. A huge thanks to all who attended. I am especially thankful to Peggy George. As I mentioned during my online chatting, she is always a great sidekick in those sessions.

Stop #5
Tuning in with Matthew Castilleja gave me the chance to learn about Google Keep and how to use it for keeping my notes, lists, and reminders organized. There were so many surprises about what I can do with this tool. Take a look for yourself:
Google Keep Presentation via MattEduTech

Stop #6
"Leading Digital Literacy" with Katherine Goyette (@kat_goyette) taught me how I want my next online session to go. I liked the way she interacted with and included the audience for feedback, questions, and discussion during the presentation. Even though I had to check out a little early for another online session, I still gained some valuable resources. In her presentation, she addresses skills for the new workforce, digital citizenship, and reluctant teachers.
Leading Digital Literacy

Final Stop 
The last session of the conference for me was all about student blogging. This is a topic that I am passionate about and it was an opportunity for me to learn from someone else. Dianne Csoto (@MViTDiTeach) shares student blog examples and other resources for those ready to implement this tool in the classroom.
Student Blogging

There was definitely a learning curve for me. The joys of technology. In the end, I would do it all over again. I am already looking forward to next year and being a part of the EdChange Global experience.

Thank you to the conference sponsors:
Participate, Hoonuit, CCS Arizona, Flipgrid, Chromville,, Kami for Schools, Nearpod, nepris, VoiceThread, JogNog, Buncee, Classcraft, TechSmith, NutKase Accessories, EduMatch, Deb Atchison, and William Jackson


  1. This blog just made my day!!!! So thankful you were able to join in and now I hope you can join the Hoonuit Learning Ambassador program!!! Check it out at

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post. I will definitely check out the HLA program. Thanks!


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