Sunday, September 3, 2017

Conference Wrap-Up: #EdcampPAL

Last year it was Edcamp Sparkle. This year, it was like a kick-off event to the Edcamp Palmetto mini-tour. No matter the name, it was still a great time! This edcamp holds a very special place in my educational heart because it was my first time experiencing an edcamp. And now, I am hooked. This Blog Is Why you should review my first Edcamp Sparkle experience and meet me at one of the upcoming locations (Rock Hill, maybe?!). See you soon.

What is an edcamp? You may be asking yourself this question. This is a FREE, professional development event for educators. Participants in attendance determine the topics for the day. When the sessions begin, everyone in the room becomes an expert or a part of the discussion. You won't find one speaker standing in front of the room ready to go with their Google Slides presentation or Microsoft Sway. Instead, educators share best practice ideas and resources. During the day, there may be a few anchor sessions that are pre-planned presentations or a demo of a product. And the best part of all, there are FREE door prizes donated by businesses who support educators. Whether you walk away with a prize or not, everyone is a winner. There is so much to gain in addition to that: confidence as an educator, a new friend/colleague, meeting your connected educator friends, or a new idea to implement in your classroom/school.
                                                            (Seesaw Ambassadors)

Equip. Encourage. Empower. These are the main tenets (as described by organizer Jed Dearybury) of EdcampPAL, where PAL = playing and learning.

Equip-Your edcamp experience will provide you with tools, resources, and strategies to meet the needs of your students. There's nothing like coming together with like-minded educators on a Saturday morning fired up for a great day of learning and growing.

Encourage-Those same like-minded educators will push you to new limits. At an edcamp you are encouraged to learn and try new ideas. Step outside of your box and think outside of THE box. Want to learn about ozobots or 3-D printers? Speak to the representative. Want to start up a Lego Lab? Talk to Ms. Alisha Bridges from Jesse S. Bobo Elementary. Have an arts-inspired idea? Come play and explore with the team from Lily Sarah Grace (@LilySarahGraceFund).

Empower-Last, but not least. Leave feeling empowered. Empowered to accomplish your goals. Empowered to help your students achieve. Empowered to pursue your dreams. And empowered to be a better you. A better educator who changes lives. That is the power of edcamp.

But wait! It's not all about learning. Remember the "P" is for playing. Have fun with the latest craze. That's right, a GooseChase. Download the app and prepare to be silly. I must admit, I was totally distracted during this year's edcamp because the GooseChase was so much fun. And more fun things kept being added by the minute (it seemed)! But it did make people interact  more. It was great to see people collaborating to get the most people at the Step and Repeat or completing the arm wrestling challenge. And if you weren't completing a challenge, then you were snapping a picture or recording a video for someone who was. Such great fellowship.

What's Next?
When all the fun is over, be sure to say thanks to everyone who makes the event possible. The hard-working team and the generous supporters. Also, if a session sparked an idea for you, don't forget to apply for an Impact Grant. From Edcamp Palmetto, check out the team and the sponsors:

Meet The Team

Thank The Sponsors

Impact Grant


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