Saturday, November 4, 2017

30 Snaps in 30 Days

It's blogging time ya'll and I have lots to share! Since my last post, I have been super busy settling into a new year, a new school, and a brand new role. Who knew chromebooks required so much attention?! But, I am loving every minute of it and that makes me even more excited to share some of my experiences and insights. Within that time, I did participate (mostly) in another 30-day Twitter challenge. You know, I just love a good challenge. This Blog Is Why I don't mind sharing that in the middle of hectic days, it was hard to remember that "snap" of the day.

Day 1: 

Collaborative Coaches Meeting (Math, Reading, Technology)

Day 2: 

Another year of being an MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert)

Day 3: 

Driving to my dream job and enjoying God's work

Day 4: 

Ready to crack open that LEGO WeDo kit

Day 5: 

A special visitor in the building today

Days 6/7:
I managed to squeeze in ONE blog post.

Day 8:
Professional reading

Day 9:
Completed Google's Digital Citizenship & Safety Course

Day 10:
Fire Drill!!!!

Day 11:
Writing challenge for my college students

Day 12:
First Lego League Mentor/Coach training

Days 13-15:
And then out of nowhere, SICKNESS

Day 16:
Hurricane Watch...Irma

Day 17:
Feeling better...Back to normal

Day 18:
I 💘 my job!

Day 19:
Book sharing on campus

Day 20:
Exciting news/announcements...coming soon

Day 21:
MAP Training

Day 22:
Another challenge for my college students

Day 23:
Wait! Did a student just buzz the office looking for me?

Day 24:
More training: Bullying Prevention

Day 25:
Training sessions completed

Day 26:
DonorsChoose project funded by Advancement Courses (@AdvanceTeaching)

Day 27:
Just another day at the District Office

Day 28:
Introducing Flipgrid

Day 29:
Thanks, Secret Pal!

Day 30:
Getting amped for Edcamp Palmetto! Join us.

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