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Conference Wrap-Up: Edcamp Palmetto Rock Hill

Giving back. It feels so good. Today as I reflect on Edcamp Palmetto in my town of Rock Hill, there are so many emotions. At first, I was nervous and a little disappointed that we had to compete with so many other great events in the area. But, at the end of the day, it was PERFECT. I was honored to work with so many hard-working and dedicated educators (or future educators). And proud to hear the compliments of organizer Jed Dearybury (@mrdearybury1). This Blog Is Why you have not lived, until you have experienced an Edcamp!
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Behind the Scenes
Usually in my conference wrap-up, I get to share about my experiences attending a conference or edcamp. This time, I have the unique perspective of assisting with planning the event. That is a lot of hard work! Today, as I looked around, I realized that this event was planned and prepared by teachers for teachers. Talk about empowerment.

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In preparation for the day, there are meetings (love Google Hangouts), phone calls and visits to businesses, making tough decisions, and then putting it all together the day before everyone arrives. I am thankful for those businesses who jumped on board immediately and offered donations to support teachers. Many of them realize how hard teachers work and want to do what they can to show appreciation. Edcamps are free events and designed to be an informal day of professional growth. The hard-working people that make up edcamp teams are all volunteers. As a volunteer, I learned the art of balance. Trying to assist in planning and preparing as much as possible while still working two jobs, spending time with family, and being sick (two whole weeks). But it is so worth it when you see teachers and students walking away with freebies that will hopefully spark a new innovative lesson in their school or classroom.

This event was hosted at my alma mater, Winthrop University, and again I am bursting with pride. The staff was helpful, welcoming, and accommodating. Thanks to the student volunteers who worked so hard, we were able to get a lot done in a short amount of time. As issues presented themselves, they were on top of a solution immediately! A special shout-out to the PSTA student chapter board members at Winthrop. A job well done.

Edcamp Highlights
My favorite session of the day was "Pass It On" with veteran teachers, newbies, and students. The conversation was positive and inspiring as teachers new to the profession shared some concerns or questions. They were able to hear from veterans about some coping strategies. The conversation was so good that we were almost late to lunch! I heard one participant say as she was leaving the room: "Ooooh, that gave me chills." The stories about building relationships and passion ruled the session.

During the very first session, I floated among three rooms. Yes, you can do that at an edcamp! They were Flipgrid, BreakoutEDU, and Classroom Management. Flipgrid and Breakout allowed participants to be interactive and think about ways they could integrate some lessons in their own classrooms. I made my way to Classroom Management after peeking in at the Collaborative Notes (also a part of Edcamp). There were so many good ideas, strategies, and resources being posted that I just had to witness the conversation for myself.
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My goal for the next Edcamp is to visit the Ongoing Sessions: Cardboard Room and Game Room. In two edcamps, I have not had the chance to fit in all the goodness of the day. I also missed the GooseChase fun, but that's okay because I over-indulged at the last one.

I would love to hear about your highlights from the day! Share in the comments or tweet me @MsClassNSession.

Thank a Sponsor
If you attended Edcamp Palmetto: Rock Hill, don't forget to thank the sponsors. This day would not be possible without their support. I will try my best to list them here and hope I don't miss anyone (but I will keep updating, if I do):
Palmetto Partners
Palmetto State Teachers Association (PSTA)
Winthrop University
Founders Federal Credit Union
Discovery Place
Lily Sarah Grace
Sharp Business Systems
Makey Makey
Dave Burgess
Matt Miller (Author)
Monica Burns (Author)
its Learning
Goose Chase
EduMatch Publishing
The Pump House
Groucho's Deli
Legal Remedy
The Brass Tap
The Children's Cottage
Burgers & Barley
Leola & Simone
Elaine Miller, Primerica
Go Bigger, Go Home
The Paper Gnome
Faded Crown

Upcoming Dates
March 24, 2018-Columbia College
April 28, 2018-College of Charleston, North Campus

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