Monday, April 9, 2018

Kindness Ripple

I have been a member of DonorsChoose since 2016, which is not that long, but it has been truly amazing. As an educator, it is great to take an idea that you want to implement in the classroom or in your school and make it come to life. What a great feeling when you get that email, fax, and eventually that package of materials. Even the students' faces light up like it is Christmas. Just imagine, you can make Christmas happen at any time! This Blog Is Why the #kindnessripple has me even more inspired to be a part of DonorsChoose.

So far, I have completed 8 projects using this online crowdfunding company. In addition to creating/completing my own projects, I enjoy inspiring or offering advice to other teachers to help them get going with making their classroom dreams come true. Watching another class experience the awesomeness of receiving that special package or packages is just as magical as opening them yourself. One of my most memorable experiences with DC, was getting a project funded that covered the costs of a field trip for each student in my grade level. This was the highest amount that I had proposed for a project and my team put in a lot of work to get as many donations as possible. Nearing the final hour, I had to break the news to them that I didn't think we were going to make it. BUT, before our deadline arrived, I received a message from the Caring Classrooms community. This is a successful giving community that guarantees funding for DC projects promoted on their page. As my birthday gift (thank goodness for birthdays), our project was going on their page. That is a moment that I will never forget. I loved the feeling of watching the messages from other educators across the country as they helped us reach our goal.

Inspiration. That is another exceptional component of the DonorsChoose movement. You become inspired to not only create dreams for YOUR students, but to support the dreams of OTHER classrooms. I don't get the chance to donate to other projects as much as I would like to, but it is a great feeling when I get to bless someone else. Well, now that brings me to the reason for me sitting down to write this blog post. I received an email from DonorsChoose that I would be getting my very FIRST thank you package. I have mailed a few, but this one was just for me. I watched the mailbox for days (which I never do, just ask the mister)! When that envelope finally arrived, I was ecstatic. I will cherish these cards. Not too long after, I got that same feeling when @Ripple funded every single project on the DonorsChoose website. I didn't even have a project up, but I was so pumped that I couldn't sleep that night just thinking about all of the classrooms that would be effected by such a wonderful gesture.

Now, I am on my way to ten. My goal is to have ten completed projects by the end of this school year. Here is a peek at my two current (final) projects for the year:

Botley Crew: Computer Science in Our Future

Bots, Camera, Action

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