Monday, May 7, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week

Lately, there has been so much talk about teachers/education. I'm sure you've heard about it in some shape or form. The topics that grab my attention: guns, salaries, strikes, funding...the list could go on and on. And the opinions vary.  Well, no matter what side of the pendulum you swing on: from teachers are overworked and underpaid to teachers are overpaid and underworked (Yes, educators, I actually read that somewhere!) that is not what this blog is about. This Blog Is Why I hope you take some time to show some appreciation for a teacher; support a dreamer.

This Blog is about the Dreamers. The educators that have big dreams. They don't just want the status quo for their students. These educators want more. And for them, the sky's the limit. Or is it DonorsChoose? If you dream it, try to get it funded! I really enjoy seeing the variety of projects that are posted by teachers here. I get so inspired and even for me, it makes me want to dream bigger. Try harder. Work harder. That makes me excited for students. When you have educators who will dream big, then that opens the door for students who will do the same. These dreamers will spark the minds of tomorrow's creators, innovators, or...dare I say, EDUCATORS.

Once in a while, I get a chance to support my fellow educators. I wish I could do more to support these classrooms and help them get funded. One of the ways that I have been able to get my own projects funded is by sharing, sharing, sharing. So, as an additional show of support, I am sharing all of the projects entered in my RANDOM contest through my blog and social media platforms.

Project Links: 
Project: Classroom Document Camera

**Fully Funded** Project: The Flight of the Butterfly

Project: Laptop for Learning

**Fully Funded** Project: More Reps Means Better Prep

Project: Every Botley Will be Coding! (Only $153 to go)

**Fully Funded** Project: Everyone Can Be the Teacher!

**Fully Funded** Project: No Summer Slide for Us!

**Fully Funded** Project: Can You Hear What I Hear? You shouldn't!

**Fully Funded** Project: We Want to Sit on the Floor

Best of Luck for funding your projects! #kidsdeserveit

                                          (Thank you DonorsChoose for the kind words!)

A special shout-out to my fellow colleagues:
Brooklyn Springs Elementary

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