Sunday, June 17, 2018

Conference Wrap-Up: Computer Science

Wow. What an amazing week of learning! Well, this conference wrap-up is not brought to you by "computer science" but the 9th Annual Partnership Conference for Educational Renewal. Long name, right?! I always love presenting at my alma mater, Winthrop University. And this time was no different. There were a couple of firsts for me this time around: co-presenting with colleagues and focusing on the topic of computer science. This Blog Is Why after co-presenting two sessions at the conference, I am more committed than ever to implementing computer science (standards) into our elementary curriculum.

Before we dive into the wide world of computer science, I want to give a huge shout-out to one of my former colleagues (really, still a colleague; we just don't work in the same space any more!). She was a presenter at the conference and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. I learned all about the WriteReader program and I can't wait to explore it with teachers in the upcoming school year. I enjoyed seeing samples of work from her students. What a great way to start grooming those future authors in the classroom!

Our computer science sessions focused mainly on three areas: the standards, hands-on learning, and curriculum connections. I will share some resources here, but I am also motivated to create some professional development sessions for schools in our area as we begin (continue) to implement these standards. We really hope to alleviate the "one more thing" feeling and help educators to recognize the importance of preparing students for jobs in this market. As we discussed this topic and the standards, I thought of the video linked below and how crazy that at my very next conference (see Conference Wrap-Up: Midlands Summit 2018) the keynote used it in her address. I hope you will share these videos with fellow educators, students, parents, etc. Share the possibilities. Let's expand kids' minds!

First Step: Familiarize yourself with the Computer Science standards. Decide which ones you can implement easily and which ones may be a bit more difficult. What are some key terms that stand out? Are there any that will require defining (for you and/or students)?
SC Computer Science and Digital Literacy Standards

Next Step: Identify where these standards fit into your current curriculum. Are there areas where you already address certain skills? If not, how can you incorporate computer science standards into the core subject areas?
Curriculum Connectors
      (Lunch Break)

Final Step: Create opportunities for hands-on learning. And keep in mind that you do not always need the latest, greatest tech tool or gadget. You can teach many concepts without the use of a device. During the conference, I enjoyed getting to explore with my colleagues and brainstorm how I will implement these activities in the upcoming school year. But most importantly, it was just fun. So don't be afraid. Dive in!

Try these: 

Code Monkey Island

Robot Turtles


Bloxels EDU

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