Sunday, August 5, 2018

Edcamp in Your PJ's

Professional Development is in a constant state of change. This is perfect, because so is education. As educators, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to advance our profession. When PD in your pj's (pajamas) and edcamps combine, it is nothing short of amazing! A special shout out to the EduMatch team for a successful 4th annual event. This year was only my second time attending and I was not disappointed. If you missed out, check out the highlights in this post. This Blog is Why you should go ahead and mark your calendars for next year's event.

The Edcamp model encourages the educators/participants to be the experts. There is not a set agenda or prepared presentations. Participants propose topics that they wish to discuss and the conversation begins. Something else that is unique about the Edcamp model is that if you find that the discussion is not what you anticipated or need, you are free to move on to another session/topic. It is truly an informal learning environment. You might also find that sometimes the main topic sparks discussion about other related topics as well. The point is: You drive your own learning experience. For many, that can be a little scary at first. But I think it is a great way to empower educators. The platform for Edcamp EduMatch is MIT Unhangout. I like this forum and I want to explore how I can possibly use it for professional development as an Instructional Technology Coach. If anyone has ideas, please share!

Edcamp Highlights:
1) The first session that I attended was Supporting Elementary Teachers with Tech. We discussed different ways to address the technology needs of staff members. One person was moving from high school to work with elementary teachers and inquired about the best approach. There was advice about meeting face-to-face and going into classrooms. There were questions about Google Classroom Sreencastify and Flipgrid as resources. Check out the conversation here:
                                         (Thank you Nancy Swanson for recording/sharing)

2) The second session was facilitated by Desiree Alexander on the topic of Tech Certifications. There are many, many ways to stretch yourself as an educator/innovator. Want to learn more about Microsoft? Google? Apple? Nearpod? Edmodo? You name it! There is probably a badge/certification for that. For more information, head over to Educator Alexander's website and see what you may be missing. My advice is to get them all (or as many as you can). You can never learn too much and it opens the door to the possibilities that you can bring into your classroom and/or school. I am interested in learning more about IC3 certifications. As I am learning more about computer science/coding, it is becoming my new passion. Peek in on the discussion here:
                                         (Thank you Nancy Swanson for recording/sharing)

I hope you are inspired to attend the next event. The time really flies and you have the chance to make some wonderful connections with other educators from around the world. And the best part of all, FREEBIES!! Huge shout out to the following Edcamp supporters:
Spelling City
Write About

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