Sunday, October 28, 2018

Conference Wrap-Up: SC EdTech 2018

I know, I know! It has been a loooong while. Well after a brief hiatus, I'm baaaaack. And I am excited to share my experience with you at this year's SC EdTech Conference: "In the Cloud" located in Greenville, SC. This was one of my favorite conferences and I learned so much this past week. My hat's off to South Carolina educators. You Rock! This Blog Is Why I am inspired by some of the best in the state and I am excited about what is in store for our students.

First things first, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the participants who attended my sessions. A little back story: I was stuck in Greenville morning traffic on my way to the conference (who knew?!?!) and I was terribly worried that I would not make it. By the grace of God, I made it just in time to skate into my first session and get set up. I am thankful for the SC EdTech Team who came in to get me connected with my mic and presentation board. When everything came together, I felt more relaxed and I am hopeful that I delivered just what you needed! If you missed my sessions or the conference, check out the links below:
Become a Microsoft Innovative Educator
Coding in the Elementary Classroom

Conference Highlights: 
1) Discovery Education-The Discovery Education team hosted a relaxing kick-off event at Barley's in downtown Greenville. I enjoyed connecting with my district team, my Edcamp family, and the support team from Discovery. This year our district will begin its STEAM initiative in collaboration with Discovery Education. A huge shout out to @pnabbie (Pam Inabinett) and @Shemia Thompson for creating such a welcoming, positive environment!

2) Georgia Connection- As an Instructional Technology Coach, it is always a plus to connect with and hear from other coaches. That networking is essential to building your capacity as an effective coach. I was drawn to Karleen Vaughn's session: "How to Get Your Foot in the Door" by the title alone! And she did not disappoint. My favorite tip was printing the poster size copies of the newsletter and placing them in the bathroom. What a genius idea! And I loved the samples posted in the room. Great visuals! In the session, she addressed the following key points: Barriers, Make Yourself Relevant, Bait Your Hook, Be a Team Player, and Be Flexible. Some of the strategies included walk-throughs, needs assessments, preparing/co-teaching lessons, speed dating, and Twitter challenges (ya'll know I love a good challenge). I am looking forward to sharing and implementing some of the ideas shared. Be sure to follow the  iTeach Tech Team at Kennesaw State University (GA) @ksuiteach.

3) Coaches Choice Awards-The Instructional Technology Team from Greenwood District 50 shared about a creative way that they recognize students and teachers. The session "Rolling Out the Red Carpet to Recognize Students and Teachers" was all about nominating and celebrating the technology work of students during the school year. This event is hosted annually at the final school board meeting. Families are invited to attend and students are recognized by the school board and staff. Students receive a medal and the teacher receives a certificate. For a sneak peek at their wonderful work, click here: GWD 50 Choice Awards

4) ETV Education-This was a must-see session for me. If you are in South Carolina, make plans to schedule a professional development session. It is FREE! During this session, I learned about many resources that are available to educators in our state. In addition, I learned how to create my own instructional videos. Quick and easy, they don't need to be perfect, and YES! my/your voice really sounds like that. Well, that's okay. And all I need is my phone and a locker shelf. Thanks to Debbie Jarrett and Brian Day for an informative and fun session. I am looking forward to working with you soon (this week) at my school!
Face-to-Face Workshops with ETV

5) Breakouts are the BEST!-The final session that I attended was truly interactive. We were able to dive into the SC Technology Standards via a breakout box. So much fun! Thanks to my team for working together and demonstrating patience with one of our members who was a first-timer to breakouts. Thanks to our hosts for preparing an experience where everyone was a winner.

Although I wasn't able to attend all of the sessions, my colleagues shared their notes from other sessions and I cannot wait to see what I missed. What was your favorite session? Feel free to comment, tweet, or share via the #SCEdTech18 hashtag. See you next year!

**@ = Twitter connections

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