Saturday, December 22, 2018

PD in Your PJ's With Ditch Summit 2018

Do you ever feel like, "I can't possibly learn anything else"? Yeah, me either! You see how I just assumed you said, "NO". Well, even if you said "Yes" I have the perfect solution for you. Two words: Ditch Summit. This has been a great online conference. If you are not tuned in, go ahead, get registered, grab your favorite snack, and get ready for some inspirational sessions. This Blog Is Why it's my first year of Ditch Summit and I am here for it!!!

So, I wanted to get this blog post started to be able to share with my #pd4uandme friends. With that being said, it is a work in progress. For many educators, this is a busy time of year with end of the school year, party prep, holiday shopping, family/friends know all the usual. So with all of that, I am still trying to fit in time for my Ditch Summit sessions. Currently, I am a little behind but that is the great part about PD in your PJ's. You can make it work for you. In addition to the video sessions, let me tell you some other perks to the Summit. For each session, you get notes from the presenter. How awesome is that?! You can reinforce your learning after you have watched the video and you have access to some wonderful resources. After each video, you can quickly generate your certificate for professional learning with an easy Google form and it pops up in your email in seconds (check your spam). And the best part, the contests! These are so much fun and great ways to incorporate Flipgrid and your social media into your learning.

                                          (Courtesy: Matt Miller and Ditch That Textbook)

A Few of My Ditch Summit Highlights:

When I first looked at the agenda/line-up for the conference, I was super excited about the coding session. Specifically, "Constructing Coders Who Create in ANY K-12 Classroom" with Bryan Miller @EdTechNerd. As an Instructional Technology Coach, I have developed a love for coding and computer science concepts. I get a chance to witness firsthand the creativity and excitement that students experience while exploring new concepts. It is such a great way to stretch students' thinking and build their problem solving skills. During this session, I was honestly hanging on Bryan Miller's every word and shouting a few "amens" when ideas resonated with me. My goal as ITC is to help teachers and educators not think of coding and CS as something extra, but a valuable component of the curriculum. Here's to New Year's Resolutions!

After that session, I completed my contest entry for the day. Of all the prizes, I wanted this one: THE Matt Miller's Ditchbook Swag Pack. As I was scrolling through my emails the next morning, I was thinking..."I wonder what I need to do to WIN a prize." I had been creating and posting, but still nothing. Ya'll I almost missed it. Almost scrolled right past. In my daily email from conference host Matt Miller, that was ME!!!! I was the winner that day AND it was the prize I wanted. Talk about blessings. Oh yeah, and congrats to Mr. Rise (@TeachRisedorph). You're a winner too.

I don't want to ruin any sessions for you, so I will come back to add some of my highlights from each specific presentation. And, of course, we're not done! The conference is still rolling. So don't forget to jump in and you can binge watch to get caught up: Available Until Dec. 31st

My Creations:

(Day 1: Intro/Goals)

(Day 2: Ken Shelton)
(Day 3: Selfie with Kim Bearden from the Ron Clark Academy)

(Day 4: Amplify Learning w/Tech)
(Day 5: App Smashing w/Flipgrid)

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PD in Your PJ's With Ditch Summit 2018

Do you ever feel like, "I can't possibly learn anything else"? Yeah, me either! You see how I just assumed you said, "NO&...